MOA Animation—Not Just for Doctors Anymore...

by Shari Short


MOA Animation—Not Just for Doctors Anymore...

October 20, 2015

The Pharma industry is tackling patient-centric issues now more than ever before. These issues, ranging from engagement to adherence and support, require the industry to consider the consumer as decision-maker as opposed to prescription-filler.

When addressing the healthcare consumer audience, we've got a span of generations and learning styles to recognize in our communications. Most important, we need to deliver the information to them in ways they find meaningful. It can be overwhelming, but not insurmountable. And in many cases, meaningful communication is the key to staying relevant.

Start with what you know.

The pharmaceutical industry has been creating digital tools and resources for HCPs and the Payor audience for quite some time. Let's take MOA animation videos. While their original purpose may have been to educate clinical audiences about the unique differentiators of the drug, these videos can be adapted to educate today's informed consumer. Today's Generation X patient (and potential decision maker for older parent) are more aware of their preferred learning styles. Although they grew up with less savvy technology, those who identified as visual learners thrived. Consider the success of ABC's Schoolhouse Rock. (I know, you're singing in your head right now. When you think of a bill going before Congress, it has two eyes and a mouth, right?) Research states that the millennial generation prefers visual learning over text, especially in short segments and interactive context.

So how can MOA videos be adapted (or produced) for today's healthcare consumer? Ask us at ARK Media. We can show you.

Get their feedback.

We're not saying just re-release your 3D animation on your patient websites and let them absorb the information. Our research team at ARK believes the key to tailoring content is found in user preferences and experiences. We take the time to explore how today's patients can use MOA videos in the more meaningful ways.

Speak patient.

Not all digital agencies speak "patient". For years, medical writers have been developing content to inform and influence more clinical audiences. At ARK media, we have specialists in patient education and behavior change. We understand how to transform your existing assets and translate them into meaningful resources and tools for your patient.


Still singing Conjunction Junction, aren't you? I thought so.

Shari Short is the Director of Research and Strategic Content at ARK Media and recently learned a better way to tie her shoes.