Tying Your Brand's Shoe Laces

by Shari Short


Tying Your Brand's Shoe Laces

June 24, 2015

It seems like the Internet is full of 5 ways to do everything. 5 ways to tie your shoes, 5 things the person at the shoe store wishes you knew about tying your shoes, etc. Oh and don't forget the accompanying viral videos “Girl leans down to tie her shoes and you wont believe what happened next.” Yes. Yes, I will. She most likely tied her shoes. I believe it. In the words of the legendary 60's band, The Monkees, I'm a believer.

And while the marketer in me understands that quantifying and simplifying are effective ways to catch someone's attention, I also want to acknowledge that maybe there are 55 ways to tie your shoes. It's a matter of finding the most effective way for your brand. The fact that the following companies have reached "Jetson" level digital maturity is impressive because their efforts have been authentic to their underlying brand promise.

So if we must quantify, it actually starts with the ONE question: Who do we want to be for our audience? Here's how three companies used digital technology to answer that question.

We want to change behavior

At Astra Zeneca, they offer their type 2 diabetic patients a free online program called Fit2Me. It's designed to be customized about food, physical activity, treatment and support resources. By helping people find relevant options for their own lifestyles through virtual coaching and interactive tools, AZ is helping remove barriers to change from this patient segment and navigating them through their own success stories.

We want people to feel in control

For their oral pill Gilenya, Novartis wanted to play off the empowerment theme for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. By highlighting the benefits of being able to take the medication orally as opposed to by injection and infusion, the patient gets to feel a sense of the upper hand. Novartis used their website and social media to gain user generated content to support its "Hey MS, Take This!" campaign so people on Gilenya can post their own empowering statements in an engaging format.

We want people to know we're a resource

At Janssen Biotech, the first words you see on their website are "We're inspired by our patients". The company takes these words to another level when they offer a link to a separate website entirely devoted to helping patients find infusion centers in their area. Sure, they have the legal information about patient responsibility and accountability, but they truly navigate the patient through a digital space to find the best resource.


At ARK, we help our clients answer the same question and turn their brand promises into digital platforms and programs. And you won't believe how many ways we know how to do it.

Shari Short is the Director of Research and Strategic Content at ARK Media and recently learned a better way to tie her shoes.